hope for autumn

i notice every movement
i feel every breath
sensing each emotion
trying to act my best

you are a skilled builder
constructing a great wall
when will all these questions
cause those bricks to fall

if i’m out of line here
please just let me know
sooner would be better
just tell me and i’ll go

away from you and everything
that stays inside my brain
i don’t want to trust you
afraid of recent pain

please write me a love song
send me a sideways glance
tell me it will be alright
and i’ll give you a chance

don’t ever lose sight of me
because i might run away
inside my fear and doubt
alone then i will stay

just promise that you’ll know me
my heart and mind and soul
i’m not what you expect
but i’ll let my feelings show

when the time is right
when the leaves begin to fall
we can get away
i won’t be scared at all


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