tonight i’ll tell you all a story

of a damsel in distress

puddles where her tears are pouring

red bloodstains on her dress

she takes a ride around and round

falls down and skins her knees

lets out a cry–he hears the sound

and helps her to her feet

but he can never satisfy

the longings in her heart

so tears keep falling from her eyes

her life is torn apart

he tells her that he loves her so

will love her til he dies

she’s blinded by this false tableaux

when he looks into her eyes

suddenly his love does fade

she looks at him, confused

he leaves her lonely and betrayed

broken, beaten, bruised

she knows that time will heal the pain

but she does not forget

the pieces of her heart she gave

she dwells in her regret

she lifts her eyes up to the stars

and says a silent prayer

can anybody see these scars,

does anybody care?

a humble King comes to her aid

and takes her shaky hands

His Love causes her pain to fade

and helps her understand

that she must give her heart to Him

to satisfy her needs

His Love will wash away her sin

and set her spirit free

as time goes by she loves Him more

with every passing day

sometimes it’s hard but she can’t ignore

His patience and His grace

it seems that she has found True Love

it covers all her pain

the joy she feels comes from above

and washes tears away



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