tick tick tick tick

i hold my heart in my hand like a stopwatch–hear it ticking. periodically i must replace its parts so it may persist. tick tick tick tick..
you carry your heart like a grenade, tick tick tick tick… when will you ignite the passions inside? blow us all away. and i wait for it.
marbles, they roll every which way, scattered like orphans. i collect them and hold them to my breast as precious jewels. i hold them like the lost boys whom i dearly love and have missed. one falls from my grasp and i fall to my knees reaching for it. groping. why must i desire so much from you?
lacing up the emotions and unbridled thoughts, i put you away for a while. i expect too much and i receive nothing. i give too much and meanwhile i leave myself unattended. i shall gather up my love and hold it ransom until the alarms of romance sound and allow me to give all the things i long to give.

crossing the room to face this life i open the door and step out into the unknown. often i wonder how we all got here, to this place of inability to express our passions.


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