so does a youth

mama’s in the kitchen crying
tears are streaming down her face
daddy’s paying all the bills
he keeps his family full and safe

cross the room
hold her tight
she will make it
through the night

grandpa’s lost in carolina
his memory has been misplaced
grandma’s singing with the angels
all he needs is her embrace

empty his cabinets
sweep his floor
we’ve never dealt
with this before

up in boston massachusetts
brother’s in the bar tonight
he’s with his girl, they are in love
she smiles at him, he holds her tight

nights are short
days grow cold
get under covers
we’re getting old

sister’s at the airport now
coming home to see her love
holds her baby tight and cries
my brother’s son, gift from above

life winks at death
full moon rising
waxing, waning
living, dying

my lover’s singing me a song
from romeo and juliet
he holds me close, i close my eyes
these days with him i’ll not forget

the world wags on
and roses fade
soon death will come
take me away


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