see the way

see the way that smoke rises and disappears? the way steam dissipates into thin air? that is what this life is. the flower blooms its beauty and fades and dies. that is life. the only thing that matters, the only lasting part is the Truth of the Gospel. What is that Truth? answering that question is a day to day adventure. that truth is the encouraging words of a friend. the truth of a hymn. the agony in my spirit cries out to God for the revelation of his Gospel–His good news for me. my spirit needs to rejoice, but in what? for what? rejoice i my suffering? rejoice in the fact that i am alive! that i am free and really, do i believe that? God loves me! oh, my heart, please believe it! for heaven’s sake, the kingdom of heaven, believe in the Gospel! God, send me the truth in my day to day life. send prophets to tell me your will. give me inspiration and revelation into your Truth in my life. I need it so badly! my faith cannot be conditional. Bring your Shalom. I must preach the Gospel to myself.

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