Quicksand and the East

Sometimes we get caught in quicksand and find ourselves on the brink of drowning, surrounded by solid land and wondering how we fumbled ourselves into such particularly unpleasant circumstances. There’s usually a graceful hand, a rope, or a bit of something sturdy to latch on to when we find ourselves in these desert times. And while there are often plenty of virtues to gain while wandering off the path or nearly losing life, it’s good to be back on a firm foundation. Sometimes it takes an unprecedented amount of patience and work to find a healthy home again.

This weekend I’m surrounded by friends to celebrate marriage. And even in our now scattered state, as we come together I can say we’re a testament of finding land after a quicksand last couple of years. And sacred, adventurous commitments like marriage can add thoughts of hope and redemption to a world where fleeting desires push us around with the wind. Long rehearsals might be hot on a saturday afternoon in the gardens of Atlanta, but taking time to embrace these moments help us to not forget what we get ourselves into, the good, lasting bonds we share. I complained while sweating in the heat too. But I am thankful now and will hopefully continue to be.

And in all of the wedding events I am present but also adrift. My thoughts are wandering off to the East. I don’t mind, because in less than a week I’ll be galavanting across the North Pole in hopes of finding some of my own adventures. Chris Jones(a brother of brothers) and I will be heading for Shanghai next weekend. And this also is a testament to hope through the storms of life, for we too were pulled out of some quicksand. I’m a romantic, so travelling is grand and exciting, and most healthy if you know where home is, otherwise you might get lost again. And I think I’m on to something, and about calling Atlanta my humble abode; my speck in the history of a long line of humans to walk the face of earth. I’ve said I would go anywhere and do anything, and may this journey be an honest example of who I desire to be. I admit I’m not often in that frame of mind and spirit. And I’ll return, like I always do, in a few short weeks and hopefully with a bit of newness on my back and in my heart. And maybe I’ll serve coffee again, and love and feast(from the garden) with the ones that find home on this little speck of a city too. If I’m blessed enough, I might even find something underground, maybe a piece of restoration that we could use here in the West.

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One thought on “Quicksand and the East

  1. Happy Travels Robo…don’t forget to pack an extra inhaler. And don’t go galavanting too close to ol’ Saint Nick’s house…I hear he’s a real pill.


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