I wonder if the kids fighting for Abe, or the farmers for Lee knew what sort of road they were paving for me. Were they conscious of the effects one generation has to the next and the next and after? The fossils of the Civil War age still remain; trade routes and railroads,Β  but every decision and step taken still has an effect on my being. It’s compelling enough for me to care; to care about how my decisions and actions effect those around me and maybe one day our children.

And in China I can see a glimpse of the effects from revolutions and ideals and globalism. Our first couple of days was spent in Shanghai, and I already feel as if I’ve gained new knowledge and perspective. We visited a museum at the site of the First Congress of Communism in China and the Shanghai Museum. I’m a westerner through and through, so I know little about the rich history of this place and of the chaotic transitions of power in the twentieth century. But being here has reminded me, we are all intertwined and connected, somehow bearing a great Image beyond us, billions of people before and now and maybe after.

Does my walking on to this flight to Kunming matter as minuscule as if might seem? or my job and desires? If life is all linked, we are all pieces to some beautiful landscape and the puzzle usually is made of similar sized figures. Or maybe we transcend space and our pieces mean more and are bigger in certain times and places. I want to matter, and I want to have an effect on my children’s children. I also want to be connected with the nineteenth century tradesman that walked along Glenwood and Moreland before Sherman’s flaming torch. Or I want to be connected to the sister who sang in the age old cathedral up the street or around the globe even if she was born in Kunming, or rather, especially if she dwelled there. Tower of Babel go in reverse and gather the people again. Let me hear all men and women sing one song and dance to that tune and melody. I know it’s there. I know it exists. The flowers don’t need words like we do and still bow together in unison and all get along. Peace will return. Peace is coming and I stand on it strong.

–Chris and I are safe and enjoying our journey. We are in Kunming and will be travelling to Guilin next.–


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