Another day in The Times

I enjoy reading The New York Times. As many of you know, I don’t enjoy watching television, nor do I think it is healthy, but I do find it worthwhile to be interested in what’s going on in the world. So reading the newspaper is my avenue of gathering information on current events. I would read the Atlanta Journal Constitution, but I find that many of their writers seem to have left their creativity and finesse at the door before they arrive every morning. It’s a shame too, because Atlanta needs writers to represent the City well. I can only hope.

And what I wanted to mention instead is that I have been merely flipping through the pages since my return to the states. My time has been stretched and current events fall by the wayside. I do keep an eye out for specific articles that catch my attention. Last week there was a decent write up on Russia’s need for power. And today I noticed and chuckled at the Styles section headlined Good Things Do Come in Pairs featuring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen centerfold. Yes they are attractive in one sense, but what was more appealing to me instead was the dreary, nightmarish art work below the Home section. Normally it’s composed of surreal modernist architecture in some posh extension of New York City, or a piece on a developing area in town. Sometimes they deal with interesting material like today. The House of Your Dreams, as it’s titled, is shedding light on how even our sleep is being affected by the economic downturn. “People are trying to make sense of this big unknowable, overwhelming, insecure world,” and their dreams are taking on this stress. Some are even having nightmares of homelessness.

I wasn’t aware that so many folks considered dreams and how they relate to reality. It’s odd that The Times even takes interest in such things. But then again, I find this something worth writing about. I mildly considered trying to buy this year (a tax break being incentive), and I would be overwhelmed and frightened if after having done so I woke up in the middle of the night sweating over not being able to pay my mortgage because Mr. Obama wouldn’t stop yelling at me for causing gentrification on the Westside. We’ve had a rat in the kitchen recently, I guess that’s kinda like a similar home nightmare.

I’m not surprised that people’s dreams relate to what’s going on in the world. That sort of thing has been happening since the dawn of time it seems. I think the title stuck out to me for different reasons, and precisely the way the writer knew she would suck me in with her negative ploy on an otherwise well-known positive idea. Dreaming about home is rich and fantastical. It often happens during the day as a getaway from the work desk or alongside the other options in a game of MASH in middleschool; Who will you marry, how many kids will you have, what car will you drive, etc? You remember.

It was just the other day that my friend Tara pointed out to me her dream house right down the road. And at face value it was just another passing moment on an evening stroll in the neighborhood, but I feel as if she gave me a glimpse maybe of a little deeper down. She doesn’t take dreams lightly, and probably doesn’t share desires with everyone. And if she does, than it’s because she knows those sorts of ideas are inherent in all of us.

The homeless man on the side of the road just passed by asking over and over again , “Is anybody home? Is anybody home?”… I bet he has nightmares. I bet he has day-dreams too.

Foxes have holes, birds have nests…

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One thought on “Another day in The Times

  1. Roberto,

    I am glad that you are keeping this thing going. It is always enjoyable for me to pull up your blog and see a new post. It at least gives me the feeling of being in touch with your day-to-day even though I often am not.

    I wrote you a letter today (finally), so look out for something in the mail soon. Keep the brain acogitatin’ and the fingers atypin’ and the heart aflamin’. Peace.

    Your Kerr-Bear


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