My four dimensional snapshot:

It was just a couple of weeks ago that I surpassed the 5000 mile marker on the scooter, and before I let this moment slip by, I pulled off Ponce De Leon just long enough to take a photo with my phone. It’s documented and recorded, at least for now. It’s been a little over a year since I started driving the Buddy 50cc that gets me around. As it turns out, most of my driving has happened between East Atlanta and the Virginia Highlands. More frequently I’ve found myself on North or Peachtree getting to and from Trinity on the northwest side of town. I have noticed that I am proud of these streets that I ride upon day in and day out. And everywhere I tread, I feel more like they are mine. Maybe that’s why I get so frustrated that the light system in the city is so inefficient and untimely. It’s as if I am guilty for not doing anything about it. I took pride in my street being repaved last week, as if my hands were part of the endeavor.

As I near my 24th birthday, I am beginning to wonder if I have adequately soaked up the fullness of this past year of life. Where am I? and where am I going? I like my job, and my scooter and my streets. I like the coming of coolness close at hand. And every chance I get I find my way to my favorite view in town. Is there a better place to stand than from the fourteenth floor balcony of Juniper and 12th?

I love the watch on my wrist and the rings on my hands. For I know where they came from and why they are there. I wear jeans with holes in them. I have a soft stain on my teeth. I can yet to grow a beard. And the people I love are all the same. We are busy and free. We are honest and private. We are better seen from the view of another. And in all of this, I desire and wish that I could just see myself as I am. And I would love it if I could take a four dimensional snap shot and hand it to a friend. And then maybe in 2030 they can show it to me again, maybe as a gift. Wouldn’t that be swell, all wrapped up in 2009 ribbons from where I stand.

It would be more than just a glimpse or a photograph. It would be more than an image in front of me moving and speaking and being. It would encapsulate my essence, like a veil as it’s lifted. And I could see the development of my soul, God-willing; a loving, caring, full me. I believe that what once was, is, and will ever be. So would I just be seeing me again? just less complete?

When I look at Atlanta and the faces I see, I am trying to catch four dimensional beings. But I’m all wrapped up in me. And when I unravel the truth of the matter, my memories will fade. I will lose photos. I will clean my teeth and grow a bushy beard. And even though the city might change, it will still be Atlanta with or without me. And it will be full of four dimensional beings. I just hope I’m selfless enough to see.


One thought on “My four dimensional snapshot:

  1. Damn, lovd the passage that began “I love the watch on my wrist and the rings on my hands.”

    I wanna tell you bout my tat– semi private but this is provoked! :) It’s out of the way and it’s the word “PLACE.” Places, they are like our mile markers– we grow and change so fast, so do they but they seem to show it with patina, roots, history. We take photos and hope we won’t lose them, while a city welcomes souls and says goodbye to some daily… It holds ever-changing trees and birds etc, it seems more complex somehow, and in a chronological sense older.

    PLACEs, I lov U. –cp


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