Tragedy in Haiti

To be completely honest, I have been ignorant to the terrible devastation in Haiti the past two days. (Lord, forgive me for my hard heart, and my lack of compassion). I stumbled upon a friend’s blog while wasting some time between classes. After reading his intense reaction, I was prompted to find some information on the earthquake that shook Haiti. A simple Google search for “Haiti” sufficed. I needn’t look further than the first news result to see what brutal reality facing Haitians.

God, have mercy.

The CNN video reporter compares the devastation to hurricane Katrina, and the copy refers to World War II. The images are as disturbing as the most horrendous movie I have ever seen– but this horror is real.

“The streets of Port-au-Prince resembled grainy black-and-white newsreels from World War II that showed the rubble of bombed-out houses in Berlin and London.”

There are no crews to clear the rubble. Civilians crowd the streets, wandering aimlessly as they search for missing persons. They use their hands and fingernails to dig through dirt, dust, concrete and other rubble. Afraid of unstable buildings, masses of people sleep on the main roadways.

My deepest prayer is for peace in the midst of confusion and suffering.

Last night at small group, we reflected on the sermon and what it means for Christ to hold the “winnowing-fork.” As I drifted off to sleep several other images of Jesus entered my imagination. He stands calmly holding a shepherd’s crook, watching over a flock of sheep. He weeps with Mary and Martha as he feels the pain of loss… Lazarus is dead.  His strong carpenter hands grip a hammer as he rebuilds a friend’s stable. He leans over his disciples stinking feet with a cloth, washing them clean of dirt and grime.

This same God knows Haiti. He knows suffering and pain. He knows death and grief. God is life-giving and merciful. He will rebuild the broken and comfort the weary.

I pray today’s reading from Psalm 18 would be close to the hearts of humanity. If you haven’t read it today, you should. It is divinely applicable (see verse 7 below).

“Then the earth reeled and rocked;
   the foundations also of the mountains trembled
   and quaked, because he was angry.”

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