where are you headed
with that heavy load?
“I do not know where I go,
I do not yet know.”

Why then, Pilgrim,
do you keep on that
path so hard and narrow?
“I follow the way of my hero.
He lightens my load.”

But Pilgrim,
I do not see another man
beside you on this road.
“He is the one I follow,
and I am ne’er alone.”

All I see with you,
is that heavy load.
It makes your journey slow.
“Friend, take a little hope!
These are seeds I hold,
and each one of them I’ll sow.

We may not notice fruit just now,
but looking back our eyes will see.
The earth I’ve planted in was plowed
for the Feast of Jubilee.

Though my knees are scraped and bruised,
My body tired and sore
I will continue on this course
Until I meet my Lord.”

Photo by Sara Estensen


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