Delicacy takes time

Just the other day it struck me: Life is delicate. And I don’t just mean you could die at any moment, hit by a car sort of thing. No, I was thinking about people and love, circumstances and creation. I was thinking about my brother calling me on the phone and just wanting to share about some fishing trip down in Florida. Sometimes there’s more behind a phone call. I was thinking about lunch with a new friend on his porch just the other day. Simple.Β  It’s like the seeds we’re all softly setting in the dirt come this time of year.

Isn’t life delicate? People are so real, and often faced with the day to day grind, pent up and full of emotion on the inside. We’re all driving to and from work, or school, in and out of meetings, forgetting how delicate everyone else is.

I remember one night in particular. My buddy Chris and I were sitting at the light at 10th waiting to get on the interstate. And I looked over at the car next to me, only to see this young woman weeping, tears clearly falling from her eyes. My heart broke in that moment, and I wanted to reach out and touch her. The light turned green.

Yesterday evening our power went out at the house. It lasted from approximately 7 to 11PM. We were tempted to say, “Of course it would happen to us.” See, nobody else’s power went out. This was strange. We lit some candles, put on some hot water for tea and just waited.

Eventually in the evening, after trying to get a hold of our landlord, we decided to call Georgia Power. It was an automated service, but the woman actually attempted emotional responses. This was not only making me laugh, but it was sort of mind boggling. She tried to respond appropriately and effectively by helping my situation; checking numbers and offering solutions.

But what caught me most of all was our ending,

“You can just hang up the phone,” she said.

“Or say, goodbye.”

A real human being eventually showed up and diagnosed the problems. Our power returned shortly thereafter.

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