Summer Solstice

My fingers dance over familiar keys, composing again. Four years of learning culminate in a song for all the days past.

Outside my window the air is thick and heavy. Fireflies blink, drunk off humidity. Mosquitoes hover bloodthirsty. Cicadas scream incessantly. The pulse of the seasons beats in my skull. I have to get it out.

Today, three months of Spring began and ended with a turning of the soil. Fertilization is over, and now we long for the Harvest. As we wait, perspiration forms from weeks of sowing. We are exhausted from loving. Good God, we’ve loved.

All the days past are pounding in my head. I sent my Love into the grave, and it’s been resurrected.

Just the other day the grass was too high to walk through so they cut it all down and swept it into tidy heaps. The wind picked up and lifted those piles into a chaos. When the dust settled, we realized it was no use to make order out of what is already dead. Come harvest our daily work will be more than enough. The rest will take care of itself.

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3 thoughts on “Summer Solstice

  1. Hi SusanneWhere to begin… I happened upon Besides Daniel, whilst browsing through Reverbnation, more than a year ago and immediately loved the vibe, super harmonies and just the general feel of the music.I was on their facebook page a few weeks ago and discovered that the new line-up is rather different and that you are no longer part of the band (I had to do a bit of googling to find that out) This is a great pity as I think the timbre of your and Daniels voices together are really super and ones just gets so much joy out of listening to the 2 of you sing.I also see that you have a love for music education and teaching, which is awesome. (I too am a music teacher. It really is a blessing to be able to teach, especially teaching kids) Well, I apologise for the complete and utter randomness of the message, but thought I would let you know that your prescence is missed in Besides Daniel.May the Lord continue to bless you in all your musical endevours.CheersRae


  2. Rae,Thank you so much for your encouragement, sensitivity, and affirmation. It really means a lot to me! Very few people mention my absence in the band. (My mom and my best friends do. Hah!)The decision to leave Besides Daniel was not an easy one after the investment of love, creativity, energy, and time. I continue to play on my own, for weddings, with church, and I am actually writing some of my own songs now. Maybe one day I will record them. Who knows.Again, thank you.Bless you.-S


  3. Thanks for your reply, Susanne.It's good to hear that you are still excersizing your creativty in so many different avenues! I'm afraid I fell off the bus when it came to song writing, as my lyric writing is much to be desired. The music composition side of things is not too bad, though :-)I'm part of a indie acoustic folk/ rock-ish band from Cape Town, South Africa called K, Ray and The Bird. You could check us out if you like, as we always value critisism and feedback (positive and negative).Here are few links:www.krayandthebird.com!/pages/K-Ray-and-The-Bird/69288495826?ref=ts Be blessed :-)Cheers, SusanneRaé


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