Time With You

Would it be any different if I woke
In your arms
On the wrong side of the bed?

Wouldn’t it be better
Than no arms at all?

You’re in my dreams
Even if I’m selling you
Six packs of beer
From my mouth
In delirium.

On my ride home
And away from home
You’re in my thoughts
Seeping into each moment.

And time moves us
Closer to each other

Like the train arriving
At local time
The 3:03
To Kansas City

Like the baby in Palestine
In a cave
Or under a tree
Right when it should be


Like a honeymoon
‘Til the record spins
In circles
Around the bungalow
On the cul-de-sac
In the snow
Melted by our deep red clay
From our younger days

Time with you,
Like a Friday evening in September.



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