For the first time in my life, I am working in a multi-floor office building from 9:00am – 5:30pm M-F. Hello, adult world. I am the temp staff you’ve all been waiting for.

Tumblr_ldctcsnbam1qej7dno1_500_large Every morning I leave our basement apartment and walk a few minutes to “the T” station. Sometimes I hear the Oak Grove train arriving, so I speed up in hopes of hopping on. If I have some time to kill, I grab the latest copy of Metro to skim while sardined in a train car with other anonymous commuters. I transfer to the green for just one stop and herd down the sidewalk dodging joggers, students, and construction workers. This takes about 45 minutes if there are no random delays or disconnections.

The office is situated just over the river in Cambridge across from the Science Museum. I swipe my temp badge to enter the building. Exiting the elevator on the 8th floor, I’m greeted by an impressive view of Boston through the front windows. The division I work in, however, has a glamorous view of highway traffic and a power plant. Jackpot.

All these mundane everyday experiences are new to me. In fact, almost everything about Boston is new to me (like snow in April!?!?) … I sometimes feel like a visitor in my own life. And then I am jerked back to the present… this is where I am now. This is my world.

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