Tuesday was my birthday. Robert took me to Maine this past weekend to celebrate. We stayed with friends, explored Portland, and saw Iron and Wine play. I would love to write all about it, but my mind is overwhelmed. I will create a more positive post later.

Here is the short story: When I woke up yesterday, I started a new job after a long interview process. Salary, great title, meaningful work. I was excited and energized by the potential. When I got home last night, I no longer had a new job. No good explanation, just an email stating my termination. Before I even began the work.

This news was crushing on many accounts. I was overwhelmingly discouraged and frustrated. But with Robert’s support and encouragement from friends and family I move forward. I trust there is something better and more fitting for our place in life. Which is awesome! And we have been placed in Boston for so many great reasons.

So instead of being down all day I will go out into the city with my chin up. I will reflect on what a glorious weekend we had in Maine. I will thank God and count my blessings which are many.



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