a peek

Day-to-Day April in pictures:

I woke up to this message on the bathroom mirror. Best. Husband. Ever.

The view on my walk to the temp job–the river complete with daily Duck Tours, the skyline, and the Museum of Science. To my surprise, about one billion daffodils popped up one day brightening the dreary winter landscape. Spring has finally arrived in Boston!

There are several churches near our apartment.Β This church-turned-daycare is on the way to the T stop we use most frequently. Pink magnolia trees like this are all over the city!

Robert coming out to meet me on my walk home! We live right next door to a nice park with a playground. The soundtrack to our life includes laughing and playing little kids. I’ll take it.

Robert captured me during one of many phone interviews. Oh, job search. Please be over soon!

Birthday tulips in my favorite color! Again. Best husband.

Soakin’ some chickpeas for homemade hummus and indian curry. It’s amazing how big they get after their soak. On a side-note, in a quest for Easter lamb we found many international markets nearby that sell awesome curries, grains, spices, and more. To be explored more soon.

Baking oatmeal cookies! We love cooking together. These cookies turned out seriously flat. But of course we still ate them all!

That’s all folks.



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