The Great Move

A couple Uhaul trucks have graced our street this week, which brings to mind our own recent move to Boston. Packing is absolutely miserable. Fortunately, we had help. Relocating tends to be emotional, stressful, and difficult. I concur–especially when Robert & I were both getting over the flu! None-the-less, we were lucky to bring along Chris (one of Robert’s best-ever buds) for the journey.

Chris is standing in Robert’s old front yard. Both Chris and Robert lived on this street with several other guys. That’s another story. The dirt pile you can see in the foreground is what remained of a glorious vegetable garden Robert kept for 2 years. We just bought some containers and soil, so I can’t wait to plant some seeds this weekend.

It was a bittersweet parting. This is the first home Robert and I lived in together. He lived there for years with roommates. I only lived there for a month. We have many, many great memories.

And off we go! With the truck packed tight we took to the road. The drive was long with a stint of mountainous terrain. And rain. And gas prices at almost $4.00/gal. We had some homemade brownies from Robert’s mom to get us through.

Chris and Robert switched off driving, and we made it to Boston in two days. My dad was able to bless us with a hotel room in PA so we could rest (and watch some of the Academy Awards.)

And I leave you with the only photo I took on the way up to Boston. Hah!









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