Okay, so I’m a little late on the Easter post. But did you know Easter is not just one day of the year? It’s a season of feasting and celebration lasting fifty days in the church calendar.

In our house, Easter means buying enough Peeps on 30 cent clearance to get us through fifty days. It also means we find other creative ways to make Eastertide special. In an effort to establish Evangelista traditions, I’m sort of trying out different ideas to carry on as we begin marriage.

To start, I tried baking a fancy Italian Easter bread since I’ve married into Italian traditions. I also made a Polish kielbasa scramble for Easter brunch, but we aren’t Polish. I just had some kielbasa.

The thing that gave the bread its distinction was anise extract. Kinda tastes like licorice, which I love. Save me all the black jelly beans, please.

Speaking of jelly beans, whoever stole my Easter package from my mom– I will hunt you down.

A lot of kneading was required. Also, the whole put-a-damp-towel and let-the-dough-rest thing happened. I’m not sure what that was supposed to do, but it didn’t seem to work.

After a nice eggwash bath and plenty of sprinkles, it was time. Into the oven it goes. I think something went wrong in the yeast department, but the bread was edible enough. I ate every last bite while I job searched.


One thought on “eastertide

  1. I am “listening” every few days as I need to stay close to my children!!! I would love to see some of Robert’s thoughts, too, as he is almost one of mine-if he read the Phillip book he would be for sure!!!
    Just kidding, Robert.

    Love and miss you,


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