It’s high-time that I join Susanne in writing about life here in Boston. To me it feels like we are on a study abroad. My memory floats back to my summer in London or traveling to other cities. And although I haven’t begun classes yet, we’re still trying to explore this city as if we will be leaving when the semester is over.

This “semester” might just last  three or four years for us.

We’ve made it out for two beautiful games at Fenway to see the Red Sox play. The Green Monster is one of the last remnants of true america as we once knew it. The Cathedral of Yankee Stadium is gone, and most other stadiums in the country have bought into the entertainment industry and mentality of “bigger is better”.

We’re used to the Megatron at Turner Field and the infinite games and noises to keep everybody interested. Yes, beer is still $7, but there’s just something different about Fenway.


The first game was against the Rays back in early April, and then we were able to see the final game in the series against the Cubs on a brisk Sunday evening recently. The Cubs hadn’t played at Fenway since the 1918 World Series. So it was especially enjoyable for a fan like myself to see the two teams collide in this unique way.

Everyone was there to enjoy so good ole’ baseball, and that was about it.





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