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“How was your weekend?” is a normal Monday morning conversation starter in any profession. Just as well, in the coffee shop world, it’s an easy avenue for dialog while folks are waiting for me to finish their cappuccinos. Like most baristas, I might mention relaxing, being newly married, or the weather. This week I actually had an experience worth mentioning.

Susanne and I were invited to Corporate night at DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park. Brother-in-law Adam (see his art here) and his girlfriend Meghan had special access to the guest list and brought us along as their dates. It was a thirty minute drive up to the woods in Lincoln where the museum is tucked away.

The place is grande, sitting on a hill overlooking Sandy Pond with sculptures placed throughout the landscape. A magical, wilderness getaway. There’s a ten foot hammer in the parking lot as you drive up. We felt like we’d entered a movie scene. And if it wasn’t enough that we were able to explore the museum outside and in, we were being served drinks and hors d’oeurves with trendy artists and supporters.




After viewing a couple of galleries like Wall Works, mingling with guests and treating ourselves to the bar, we ventured to the roof to see the pond view. This inspired communal frolicking. (I think it’s an O’Day thing)…

We even stumbled upon a children’s learning room filled with leaves of the four seasons.

DeCordova is a place of inspiration, helping to sustain a world of artists and their creations. It’s cultivating interest and appreciation for artistic energy and hope towards a brighter earth. We were blessed to be invited along for the evening.

“Oh, and I hit a pothole in Boston and landed a flat tire too…How was your weekend?”


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