So, this week has been pretty crazy. Meaning this thing got the backburner. Sorry.

Oh yeah, so since we’re moving in a month I figured it was about time to show some photos of our current apartment. Timing is everything, right? Get ready for the grand tour.

Most of our knick knacks doubled as wedding decorations.

This is where we eat, obviously.

And then moving back over to the left you see my creative storage solutions. I had to go vertical in order to fit everything on the floor.

I use lots of jars and canisters because I hate using plastic.

On to the kitchen….

It’s kinda long and narrow. Anyway… Turn around and you see this…

Bedroom! The best part.

Yeah. We like it. Then….

Robert left a cute note on the mirror. Typical. Typically adorable.

I dont’ have photos of the desk/piano area. Not sure why. Probably because that is clutter central.

Just a peak into the living room in action.

The End! Hope you enjoyed the tour!


2 thoughts on “slacking

  1. Great tour of your digs. I hope you guys are settling in like champs. We miss you in the Atl…. I thought the pray for Atl sign was great, by the way! Don’t forget to pray for us!


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