Hurricane & Chalk Party

We survived Irene with little damage. The gusty wind and rain were actually welcomed by the Evangelistas as they pushed cool air through. There was quite a bit of damage around us–mostly treefall and power outages. Our internet is down as a result. Instead of surfing the web this weekend we packed, watched There Will Be Blood in 3 sittings, stocked up on hurricane staples (jolly ranchers, funfetti icing, etc) and stayed well-rested.

We are moving this evening! Our life is all boxed up and ready to go (almost). Say a little prayer for a quick and easy transition.

In other news, some Atlanta friends have an exciting new endeavor. Chalk Party. A few words from the creators:

A Chalk Party is what happens when billions of internet-connected people can draw together in the most massively collaborative ongoing art project that we can think of. As you contribute, you unlock the opportunity to draw with Chalk Party’s best Partiers.”

If you click on that image you will navigate to their Kickstarter page. Learn all about Chalk Party! Give a buck or give a few! You vote with your support.


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