a visit

Our good friends Aaron and Morganne drove up from Savannah a couple weekends ago to visit. Read: they drove. 18 long hours. We had a great time showing them around Boston. On our one full day together we ate bagel sandwiches and drank lattes at Robert’s work.

Then, we walked from Boston University to Newbury Street. One highlight of our afternoon stroll was an olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting shop. Also, we stumbled into an art gallery featuring my brother’s work! We ate lunch at Boloco and visited the Boston Public Library in Copley Square. It was a loooong walk. And it didn’t end there!

We visited the Public Gardens and Boston Common. We saw a one man band, two little kids playing concertos on violin and cello, and a huge festival devoted to marijuana. Yep.

And then… We went to the North End for dinner. OH, the dinner.

We waited in line at the Daily Catch for an hour. (They only have 4-5 tables. You basically have to sit in the kitchen.) Boy, was it worth it.

We had black pasta made with squid ink. It was amazing. They served dinner in frying pans with tongs. The wine was poured into small plastic dixie cups. Classy.

After dinner, the other three drank Peronis while I ate pistacio gelato. And life was complete and full. We travelled home and stayed up talking over wine and hot tea.

Thank you for coming to visit our world, Aaron & Morganne! We love you two. You are a blessing and encouragement to us.


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