Vermont: Apple Picking

We went to Vermont with our church for Columbus Day weekend!

First adventure: Apple Picking.

This is one of my favorite Autumn traditions!

This apple-cleaner line was pretty great. I’ve never seen anything like it.

We kept trying to find the cutest little gourd to represent the size of Baby Evangelista. Some of the more warty gourds did not make the cut!

Playing on the playground…

The orchard was so large there were tractor rides to the Empire Apples. Only a few varieties of apples were ready for picking. After sampling them all we decided we liked empires the best.

You can barely see a little baby bump in this one. 15 weeks and growing!

We enjoyed some apple donuts at the orchard. I’d say our homemade apple crisp and apple blueberry pies were far superior to the donuts. Yum!

Jon took some more professional looking photos and posted them on Flickr. If you want to see some more goodness click here!

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