One year ago today… The greatest story of our lives had just begun!

Here is a snippet of October 22, 2010. Our whole engagement story can be found here.

This is where it all began…. Kinda. Actually, this photo shows us at Robert’s plan B for the evening. Plan A was too loud & our waitress was rude. Plan B ended up being destiny! Because they had homemade pasta and a special Autumn menu! We love Autumn here in the Evangelista household. Anyway, the occasion for this fancy night out was our 7 months of dating celebration! I gave Robert vintage shoes & he gave me a ring. But we’ll get to that part in a minute.

So, here’s me clueless and happy as can be. We took a stroll after dinner to “walk it off” as Robert put it. So we meandered to a nearby church courtyard we’d often frequent. I felt adventurous enough to break the rules of “dawn til dusk” since it was about 10:30 pm at this point. Little did I know Robert had made a secret phone call in the bathroom of the restaurant telling some friends to cue operation engagement. He had gotten permission from the church to occupy the courtyard. He had also asked a homeless couple living there to wait a while before bedding down for the night. They watched from the rooftop.

Let’s get to the point here. We went down into the courtyard and there were candles everywhere. Black-eyed Susans were everywhere (150 of them from California–they were out of season). It was all very odd to me. I told Robert we should leave because someone had set up a sacred shrine and we were interfering with their devotion. He told me to sit down on the bench.  When I noticed a record player on the grass, it hit me. I’m about to be engaged to the most wonderful person on the planet.

Robert pulled out a letter he’d written me. He read it. I remember staring at him and seeing his lips move and thinking soak up every minute. He got down on one knee and brought out the ring his mother wore when she was alive. He asked me to marry him. I said yes. The ring fit perfectly. Then, Robert put on a new record (he bought me a new vinyl each month we dated) and called out into the darkness. Our best friends emerged from the shadows surrounding us with love and congratulations. We popped open an Autumn Maple and made toasts to our future.

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One thought on “engaged!

  1. We thought of you 2 on the 22nd and remembered the thrill of last year’s proposal and answer and the next 3 months!!! What a fast pace we all kept… It’s so sweet to see the love in your eyes in these photos!!!

    Love and miss you, as always,


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