Autumn Celebration

The last post is an invitation representing a 3 year old tradition for us. The first year, Robert and his roommates had a pretty epic Fallen Leaves Celebration. I actually played with my old band for the party. Last year the autumn party was also our engagement party!

There we are Autumn 2010 in Atlanta!

This past Friday we celebrated our favorite season by inviting friends to our home for food, drink, and festive autumn spirit. We had about 20 people come by. Folks brought their favorite autumn treat or seasonal beer. I’d say it was an enjoyable evening for everyone!

We put these instructions on how to enjoy the party in our entryway.

Here I am, prepping the pumpkin spice cupcakes– showing a little pumpkin bump in my belly too! 18 weeks here!

Friends gathered round.

Ellen dressed to display her Autumn spirit. “A for Autumn!”

Check out this spread! So much delicious food arrived throughout the night.

Robert brought out the Dutch Blitz. Things got a little intense.

Here we are looking pretty tired after everyone left at 1:30 am. I realized we didn’t get a photo together and set up the self-timer at the last minute–Robert was already taking off his tie! I wore this dress to our rehearsal dinner and the tights to our wedding. I’m starting to feel very nostalgic for our wedding!

Until next year–Happy Autumn!


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