a weekend

This was before the great Boston snow of October 2011. (ha, ha… 2 inches. it melted so fast) I had a very serious craving for cinnamon rolls a couple weekends ago. I do not know and cannot say if it is related to the tiny baby growing in me, but I will gladly use that excuse. My dad used to make cinnamon rolls from the tube on Sunday mornings. He would let me put the icing on. I always wanted the middle roll… I felt like it had the most icing. Some weeks he would make waffles or pancakes and make us guess the secret ingredients. Sometimes it was cream cheese. Sometimes banana or oats. Sometimes a tricky flavoring combination like vanilla almond. I think I might get some of my cooking creativity from him. These things are so sweet to remember. I miss these things. Life is beautiful.

We had a little Saturday date at City Feed & Supply in Jamaica Plain. They have some delicious sandwiches with local meats, cheeses, veggies, etc. I always get the Farmer’s Lunch which has granny smith apple slices, Vermont cheddar, red lettuce, grain mustard, mayo, and PICKLED GREEN TOMATOES! It’s. so. good. Robert had the Prosciutto de Parma with prosciutto, fresh mozzarella,  basil, olive oil, balsamic, salt & pepper. They also have Boylan soda which I love and crave often. Birch Beer. Cream Soda. Ginger Ale. All without high fructose corn syrup. Makes this pregnant lady very happy.

How was your weekend? We enjoyed the extra hour this Saturday night. And then I enjoyed a 2 hour nap Sunday morning. Hah! Again, blame it on the growing baby.


One thought on “a weekend

  1. You’re making me cry, with those sweet memories…When you come home for Christmas, we’ll let you have the middle roll, okay?!?

    Love you,


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