Thanksgiving: the fun

This year’s thanksgiving had three parts: cooking, eating, and family time. This is more about the eating part.

We spent the day at our friends’ house (where we go to church). There was quite a spread! Everyone was festive–there were about 25 people there! Conversations were flowing. We met some new folks and also enjoyed the folks we already know.

It was a beautiful day– sunny and around 60 outside. Some favorites from what others brought: Kate’s homemade bread, Debra’s greens, garlic stuffed olives, and hashbrown casserole. I also enjoyed drinking root beer. Sadly, we missed out on dessert. I find it hard to fit too many courses in my belly. This baby is taking up a lot of room in there!

Robert practiced holding Hanley for a while. Doesn’t he look like a pro?

I played (dominated) a few rounds of Dutch Blitz (an Evangelista favorite) while other people watched football.

After this gathering, Robert and I traveled to Cambridge to be with my brother… But I’ll save that for another post!


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