Way to Work Wednesday

Robert sometimes drives me to work when it is forecasted to rain. Or when my toe was broken. For the time being, we have two cars to drive and I can drive any day I want. This is good and bad. I treasure every last moment at home and enjoy the short drive. However, Robert is concerned I am not getting enough exercise since I sit at a desk all day. I’d love to get into some yoga, and I do like walking. Walking to work is just becoming something I dread as it makes an already 8 hour work day an almost 9 hour work day. Lucky for me, there is a 100% chance of rain today so I already have my answer.

Happy Wednesday!




2 thoughts on “Way to Work Wednesday

  1. Love the photos! This post made me laugh though! For years I went without a car, and would commute via bus, train, and mostly my feet! Now that I have a trusty vehicle, my booty gets a lot less movement… Oh the ups and downs of having a car.
    Glad it was raining :)


  2. You have such a captivating way of showing your life as effortless and beautiful and full of love. So happy you have each other and that you’ve made another little human to share with the world. He/she will be adored and have so much to give back!


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