23 weeks


How far along? 23 weeks in this blurry picture (24 in reality)

Total weight gain: Oh boy, this is the fun part. 14-15?

Maternity clothes: I went shopping yesterday in hopes of finding pants to wear. Sorry, but $40 a pair is too much. Goodwill had nothing. Looks like I’ll be wearing tights all week! Again!

Sleep: The leg pillow is still in place. Not falling asleep quite as easily.

Miss Anything? Bending over with ease.

Movement: Go, baby, go! At Bible study Wednesday I could see baby moving around. Robert has felt the kicks several times now. We both love it.

Food cravings: Burger. Clementines. Oatmeal.

Symptoms: I think this might just be a result of my stressful job, but I’ve been getting heart flutters.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody– meaning laughing 1 minute, crying the next. Sorry, Robert.

Looking forward to: The weekend! Starting Christmas traditions! Finding pants that fit!


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