o tannenbaum

Here is our tree! It is small and just right for us. Last year was the first time I experienced a live Christmas tree. Ryan and Brittany were living with Robert in his East Atlanta house. We all chipped in for the tree and decorated it together. I lived 5 minutes away and was doing most of our wedding planning from their house so it felt like my tree too.

But this tree… This is just ours. We went and picked it out together. Rearranged our living room to accommodate it. We set it up together. Watered it. Got sap all over our hands. Decorated it. Combined our ornaments. There is something about being married up here in Boston doing everything for the first time. It’s pretty special. We are creating new family traditions.

We know next year will be extra special. Our baby will be here with us. Wherever we live and whatever the next year holds, we will be the Evangelista family. Family of three!

Here she is! Almost all our ornaments come from our separate pasts. I think they all look nice enough together. We were given two for Christmas last year, and the bed and breakfast gave us one on our honeymoon. I made the tree topper in a hurry. It’s a little big, but who said everything has to be perfect? The little imperfections make it just right.



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