24 Weeks and a Visit

Robert’s parents came to town for a couple days 12/9-12/10. We really enjoyed having them up here! Saturday was full of adventures all around the city.

Riding the T after breakfast sandwiches and lattes from Robert’s Cafe

Walk down Newbury Street complete with another visit to the Boston Olive Oil Company for tastings. The Evangelistas gave us this Fig Balsamic Vinegar. Yum!

We caught the tail end of this Santa Speedo Run. Pretty hilarious.

Hot Chocolate at Thinking Cup after a long [cold] stroll through the Public Gardens and Boston Common

Dinner back at our apartment

And my 24 weeks belly!

How far along? 24 weeks

Total weight gain: I think it’s still 15 lb.

Maternity clothes: Still searching for some maternity clothes under $40 just for a pair a of pants. I’m used to sales and thrifty finds! Wearing a lot of leggings and tights.

Sleep: Turning over a lot. Fluffy pillow between my knees.

Miss Anything? Cheeses! We went to Ten Tables for a nice dinner and the cheese plate was very restrictive!

Movement: Still going strong!

Food cravings: I ate a burger! Ten Tables was farm to table, and I enjoyed it SO much.

Symptoms: Lower back/hip pain.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy! The stress of work makes me a little shorter than normal around 5 pm, but I think it wears off.

Looking forward to: A quiet weekend with my love.


One thought on “24 Weeks and a Visit

  1. I’ve been able to find maternity clothes at Ross. I think the pair of pants I got there was $11.99. Still more than I’m used to paying, but better than the typical $40.


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