catching up & Atlanta

I am so behind! One of my New Years thoughts is to create more and spend less time on the internet. Especially with our baby on the way in less than 3 months. (what!?)

We have so much to share. It will need to be spread out a bit, but life has been very eventful around here.

We enjoyed a quiet Christmas at home together. Just the two of us lovebirds in our cozy Christmas apartment. It was sweet. I may share some pictures this week.

Over New Years we flew to Atlanta to visit family, friends, and attend a wedding (or two). It was bittersweet to be back in the city we love for the first time in over 9 months.

Airplanes and pregnant ladies are not friends. We still loved flying together. I’d say we make a pretty good team on those Sky Magazine crossword puzzles.

After eating a delicious lunch with my parents at La Fonda (complete with horchata!), Robert needed his fix of Octane. We saw a couple folks we knew just stopping by for 15 minutes.

Best Friends at the Bookhouse Pub. Nothing could get much better… Maybe if I was able to enjoy alcoholic beverages with them…. I digress. Funnel cake and lots of water was plenty–Our hearts were so full!

Atlanta still feels like home.


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