the past 3 weeks

Yep. I have been pretty horrible at updating week by week. This photo is from 27 weeks. We are 30 weeks today… Only 10 more (give or take!) until we meet this precious babe. We are in the home stretch–third trimester. I love being pregnant. It has been really easy and for that I feel so blessed.

I don’t think much has changed since 27 weeks…

Sleep:I did have a couple hard nights of sleep. My dreams are very vivid and sometimes not so nice. Still having some slicing lower back/hip pain. Not really in my sleep but when I get up. I did take a nap after work the last 2 days. It’s like a switch flipped for the 3rd trimester.

Dr. Appointments: My glucose test and RhoGam shot were last week. Not my favorite things. No thank you. But everything is normal! We went to “Meet the Midwives” last night, which was great! It was at the hospital where I work & will deliver. We don’t know who will be on call when we go into labor so it’s good to put faces and personalities to the various midwives in our practice. Our hospital tour is in February.

Food: Let’s see… I love grapefruit & pineapple. Strawberries. Clementines. Fruit in general. I made some homemade Kefir from a starter our friends in Atlanta so generously gave me. So healthy smoothies are on the menu. My appetite has increased just a teeeeeny tiny bit in the last couple days (that 3rd trimester switch again). But really, it is pretty much the same as non-pregnant Susanne.

Clothes: I got some awesome maternity stuff over the break. Mom and Dad took me shopping for Christmas. If you can believe it, the maternity pants I got that fit perfectly at 27 weeks are tight around my belly already! The belly gets very itchy when it is constricted.

Anything Else?: Generally happy and full of life. Our 1 year anniversary is this weekend and I am looking forward to celebrating in whatever way we decide.

Happy Friday!!!


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