laser eyes

This is a long post with a story about how I can see perfectly.

About this time last year, Robert and I drove up to Charleston to visit my aunt and uncle. I could leave it at that and say we had a wonderful visit with them and my cousin. They took us out to a fantastic restaurant by the water and toasted champagne to our new marriage. We strolled around downtown Charleston on a relaxing evening.

But if I left it at that you wouldn’t get to see this picture:

This is me when I couldn’t see very well. I had those astigmatism things in both eyes and some sort of horrible negative vision prescription. I’m beyond those days of blurry landscapes now, but I remember how frustrating I was sometimes. It had gotten to the point where my contacts would be uncomfortable and almost intolerable after an hour of wear. I am not trying to be dramatic. I just want to commemorate the times. On our wedding day I could hardly stand having contacts in for the entire evening. I wore glasses almost all the time.

Here is proof:

I really liked my glasses, but when Uncle (Dr.) Dave offered to do laser on my eyes I was ecstatic.

The whole experience was pretty crazy. We went for an eye check, prepping for the surgery, measuring, and all that. It was an extensive appointment. The next day was surgery. They numbed my eyes with some drops. I got pretty nervous/faint feeling, but luckily Uncle Dave has this huge comfy recliner you get to sit in before you go into the Laser Room. Is it called an Operating Room? I suppose so, but I like Laser Room.

The surgery:

I went into the Laser Room and lay down on the table. Robert could see my eyes on a screen. They only do one eye at a time so one eye was clamped open so it’s impossible to blink. Dr. Uncle Dave told me to stare at the red light.  The top layer of my eye was peeled back and I felt a pretty intense pressure in the eye during this part. I focused on the red light like my life depended on it, even though I wanted my eye to roll back in my head. Some stuff was burned out of my eye with a laser. I smelled my eye burning. The red light looked like an alien space ship coming to rescue me. I imagined this was true while they rinsed out my eye and put the eye-flap back. Ah, sweet relief, the eye-flap is back in place and I can close my eye! Repeat for other eye. This all happens in about ten minutes. Maybe less. It is not scary at all, but it is pretty weird.

Afterward, I sported some killer shades, took a Tylenol PM, and slept for the rest of the evening. I had to wear some pretty awesome protective goggles when sleeping. It felt like there were eyelashes in my eye if I opened them.  They gave me a bunch of eye drops and Robert took care of me by offering me drops on a schedule.

I forget how long it took to heal. At first it was a little blurry and I worried something was wrong. The blurry is normal, I think, just because of healing and trauma to the eye. Then one day I woke up and opened my eyes and could see everything so clearly across the room. My glasses weren’t next to the bed. I didn’t have to put contacts in. I could see! And a year later, I am still amazed every day!

Thank you Uncle Dr. Dave!


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