week 32

My sweet Mom and Dad came to town last weekend! They just left yesterday. Next time I see them they will meet their new grandbaby!

We met them for lunch at Amrhein’s and lingered until Robert got off work. Meghan had just returned from Nicaragua and had lots of fun stories to tell! That night, we saw Adam’s art show at the BLVD. shop on Newbury. We ate amazing tapas at a fancy place called BarLola. I had a couple sips of their famous sangria, and boy do I look forward to making some this summer!

I took my parents our weekly date at Flour on Sunday morning. Robert has been working weekends so we haven’t been able to fulfill our tradition lately. I got my sticky sticky bun fix!

Then, I took them to the SoWa vintage market and farmers’ market. Everyone was pumped up about the Super Bowl (lots of Pats fans in Boston, obviously).

Adam and Meghan had a Super Bowl bash. Adam made philly cheese steaks (portobella cheese steaks for us) that will go down in history. I did not make it to the end of the game. My internal clock (aka baby) said bedtime!

Other than that, we mostly just spent some quality time with Mom as Dad had business in Canada. We searched for places Mom could stay when I have the baby. Our apartment is just so tiny! Two options nearby were the Convent right behind our apartment and the Fort Hill Inn. Neither seems like it will work out. What do families usually do when they are from out of town?

Anyway, that was a pretty packed update, but these are the days I want to remember and look back on with all the little details included! I can’t believe we could possibly meet this baby in 4 weeks (when we are full-term).


One thought on “week 32

  1. It has to be said. You might be the cutest pregnant person ever. Also…you might need to be our tour guide if we are ever in that part of world. Everything looks lovely!


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