sunday smoothie

Good morning! I have a treat to share. A Sunday morning (or anytime!) smoothie recipe. These have been getting me through my mid-morning pregnancy hunger attacks.

One thing I have thoroughly enjoyed in this new year is kefir. I cannot claim to be a kefir expert by any standard, but I do love this stuff. Healthy and delicious. Little living good-guy bacteria digest milk for you in a fermenting process. When you drink it your belly is filled with all kinds of probiotic goodness. You know antibiotics? Well, they kinda tear up our guts. And we need probiotics to counter them. These microorganisms help balance the flora in our digestive system.

So, I won’t go into how to make kefir unless anyone really cares. Let me know if you care and I’ll do another post. Now it is time for kefir-smoothie-making.

The measurements are rough– I usually just eyeball it with the juices. Fruits and juices can be whatever you like!ย You can buy kefir at the store if you don’t want to make it yet! Or use some plain greek yogurt–this will make your smoothie thicker so you could use more juice and less frozen fruit.


1/4 cup plain kefir or greek yogurt
1/4 – 1/2 cup 100% juice (I used grapefruit and carrot)
1 fair trade banana
3 frozen strawberries
2 frozen peach slices
2 frozen pineapple chunks

Let’s make this thing:

1. Measure out some kefir.

Add your juices. I usually aim for about 1 cup total at this point.

Add fruits. I use about 1 cup fruit unblended.

Blend. Start on the lowest setting and after it stops splashing around increase speed until you get to “liquify” or some similar term.



2 thoughts on “sunday smoothie

  1. YUM! That looks so good. I’ve been curious about making my own kefir (and how do you say it? kuh-feer? key-fur?) so I’d love a post about what you do. As I’m getting ready for this spring and summer being home with our little guy, I think it would be a great thing to do and have around!


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