thirty four

How far along? 34 weeks. Baby is the size of a cantaloupe. Yum.

Total weight gain: At my 32 weeks appointment I’d gained 22 lb. but I got a stomach bug and lost 4 lb. Back to 18 lb. gained. Maybe Thursday it will be back up!

What I wear: Maternity pants, leggings, and maxi skirts on the bottom. Regular M or L shirts, sweaters, some maternity tops too. Can’t wear tights anymore because they make the belly itchy, so skirts are tough in the New England weather. Looking so forward to sundresses.

Sleep: Pretty tired again. I got a heating pad to try to help my back/hips. Pillow between the knees. Turning over a lot. Peeing once or twice a night. Crazy dreams (what’s new).

Miss Anything? A glass of wine, please. Sangria? Girly cocktail? Walking without feeling winded. Getting out of the car easily. Taking off my own boots. Leaning over. Not bumping into people/things with my belly.

Movement: It’s much more cramped in there so baby has slower and more fluid movements. Some are less comfortable for Mama, but I really can’t complain. I love feeling this little one wiggle around. Also, HICCUPS! The last 2 weeks we’ve had a lot of hiccups! Adorable.

Food cravings: Fruit!!! Banana, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, grapefruit, pineapple. Smoothies. I was on the BRAT diet when I got the stomach virus so I’ve been easing back into real foods.

Symptoms: The same ole lower back/hip pain. Eased by the heating pad. Heartburn… But I am finding some ways to avoid it. Don’t drink while eating a meal. Eat small meals more often.

Feelings: Happy! I’d say I’m being dramatic more often… Yep. Husband agrees. Happy because I finished our taxes today. Filing for 2 states is dumb. I feel a little bit like time is speeding by and soon I’ll be in labor. Then what!?!?!

Looking forward to: Meeting the pediatrician tomorrow, centering pregnancy on Thursday, planning a St. Patrick’s day tea party, getting away for a Babymoon (?)

Prayer: Robert is looking for a job that will be more consistent and sustainable. Peace and confidence in our birth plan. A disciplined and tuned-in Lenten journey.


One thought on “thirty four

  1. Wow, our pregnancies seem to be so parallel! I was nodding enthusiastically to EVERYTHING in your ‘What I Miss’ section, I’m so with you on all of them! I’ve also been using a heating pad for my hips (although my legs and hips are super dry now), I’ve been feeling hiccups lately too, and Jason’s looking for a job! Ah! Ok, we’ll have to have a blog-date if we’re ever in the same town – this is just too fun. (Oh, and you look just adorable in that picture! :)


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