way to work wednesday

Since we sold our other car, I have to walk to work some days. The car we have now does not have the parking sticker so I can’t take it to work. Also, I have no idea how to drive it in the first place. It’s a manual.

Walking is probably really great for me, and I am trying to be a good sport. It’s hard! I’m so slow and the weight of this baby makes for some intense pressure on bladder and whatever else is under there.

I tried waiting for the bus the other day. It will take me halfway to work. After 15 minutes, only 1 bus came by and it was full. I wanted to throw open my coat and say “Look! 8 months pregnant lady here! Please don’t make me speedwalk to work AND be late!” Oh well. The MBTA does not care.

I noticed our old street finally got a street sign! That would have been helpful when we lived there. It’s strange walking down Delle Ave. The other day I even passed our old landlord on the sidewalk. Who knows why he was out at 6:30 am!

I think today I won’t take my chances on the bus being on time. I’ll just walk the mile of hills with an extra 20 lb on me. I’ll suck it up and give myself pep talks every time I have to stop and brace myself along the way. This might even help my labor if I’m in good shape!


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