35 weeks

28 days until my “due” date!

How far along? 35 weeks.

Total weight gain: 21 lb.

Sleep: This week I’ve gotten the horrible calf cramps. They are scary. It’s like my calf locks up and I can’t get it straight again.

Miss Anything? Yes, but I’m still enjoying pregnancy enough to hope this baby stays in a couple more weeks

Movement: Baby’s head is still down (has been for a month or so) and I feel it’s bum on my right side and feet on my left side. When it gets up against my ribs it is such a strange feeling.

Food cravings: Trader Joe’s Frosted Brown Sugar Maple square cereal.

Symptoms: Leg cramps, pretty tired, heartburn.

Feelings: A bit overwhelmed and anxious about having to move in September. Where will we move? What will we do?

Looking forward to: Sweet lady friends are taking me to a massage on Saturday. Then we will have tea! How fun!


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