full term: 37 weeks

Yesterday was so windy, but it was around 70 degrees outside in the middle of the day. Spring is coming!

How far along? 37 weeks.

Total weight gain: 22 lb.

Sleep: Very deep sleep with crazy dreams. I wake up at 2 am every night for the bathroom. Turning over is So. Hard.

Miss Anything? Putting on socks with ease. Giving normal hugs. Feeling hungry.

Movement: This good little babe’s head is still down. Hiccups happen a lot. Movement is more subtle because I don’t think there is any more room left in there!

Food cravings: Nothing really.

Symptoms: Back pain, maybe a tiny bit of swelling in my ankles, TONS of Braxton Hicks. I have had them for a couple months, but boy. They were 5 min apart lasting a minute each yesterday for quite a while.

Feelings: A bit weepy yesterday. We are ready for our baby, but are we really ready for our baby? Trusting God’s provision for job, future, home, car, finances, school, everything!

Looking forward to: SPRING! And our “Staycation” this weekend. We thought it would be wise to stay in Boston and do fun things.


4 thoughts on “full term: 37 weeks

  1. I cannot believe it’s been so long since I last emailed you that I am just NOW realizing you are preggo!!!!! Wow, you are a gorgeousssssss woman. So excited for you!! Eeek!!


  2. Aw, my dear Susanne! We are so excited for you guys and all that the Lord has in store. I know what you mean about trusting him for provision. We will ask him for that with you. Hope you had a good staycation! love you lots!


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