38 weeks

Today marks one week until my due date. Did you hear that people? 7 days. Until my due date. Where did all the time go?

It’s been a busy week. What’s new? Sunday was glorious. We went to visit another new church and came home for a picnic in the park. Friends came to join us and sweep us away for a springtime adventure.

Leah and Adam went to Market Basket to revel in the glorious low prices and wide selection. A lady in the produce section acted like she knew me just because I am 38 weeks pregnant. These things happen when you look like you are smuggling a basketball around in your floral button up.

We drove around Newton to see Adam’s old stomping grounds.

Finally, we headed to Harvard Square for coffees at Crema Cafe and dinner at Clover. Yum. More on that another time.

This week: Monday night we packed the hospital bag. Tuesday night I went to family dinner with Adam & Meghan for burgers (burgers!!!). Tuesday night the new old car our friends gave us (Thank you Mike & Cherita!!! We love you !) decided to stop starting so I have been walking to work and taking the bus if possible. Wednesday night we had ladies & mens groups. Tonight we have a midwife appointment. Tomorrow is my last day of work.

How far along? 38 weeks. Read: THIRTY EIGHT!

Total weight gain: I don’t know. Haven’t weighed myself in a week. We’ll find out tonight.

Sleep: Feeling tired. Sleep is a sweet, sweet thing. Getting up to pee A LOT. Crazy dreams.

Miss Anything? Bending at the waist. Painting my toenails (thanks Leah, for helping me!!!). Hugging normally and cuddling close with Robert.

Movement: This one is still active and swirly. I don’t know how it has space to move in there, but somehow we manage. Also, as far as my own movement– I’ve got the WADDLE!

Food cravings: Ate a grass fed, farm raised burger crafted by my brother on Monday. I craved a burrito yesterday, which I then ate for dinner. I can eat regular portions again! No more heartburn! Baby is moving on down.

Symptoms: Back pain, which I now wear a maternity belt everyday to help. I don’t know if it works though. Slight ankle swelling. Sore joints from walking on concrete. My right hip/butt cramps up randomly. Pinching, stretching, pressure feeling in my bladder and lower pelvis area. Hmmm….

Feelings: On one hand I feel like a rockstar queen mama with a purpose. I feel like I can conquer anything and birth this baby any minute with courage. On another hand I am a little sad and a little bit nervous about the next couple weeks. God has turned our world upside down in the past year. What are we doing in Boston? We don’t have a church family. Robert’s job situation is not nailed down. Now our car doesn’t work. I need things for the hospital and for baby but don’t have time or ways to shop. Soon we will be a family of 3, not just spoiled in newlywedded bliss. But still, I’m a Rockstar Queen Mama so all will be well, right???

Looking forward to: Meeting my sweet baby boy or girl. Giving this baby a name. Seeing how awesome Robert is going to be as a Papa. Being done with work. My mom coming up to help us and love on us. More spring days like we’ve had this week. A lot to look forward to! I could go on and on!


3 thoughts on “38 weeks

  1. Oh Susanne, you are so lovely! I can’t imagine the excitement/anxiety you must be feeling about everything being so uncertain. You three are so loved and so present in many hearts and minds. I know there are people all over the world praying for the safe arrival of this babe and for all the details of life to get ironed out so you can concentrate on loving that precious one. Blessings!


  2. I second Amy!! SUPER impressed that you’re walking to work! You are so amazing!
    Your sweet little child is going to be such a beautiful sight! And just remember, don’t sweat the small stuff. Being pregnant myself and coming towards the end, you get a lot of people telling you about ALL the things you need!!! Gosh it can be overwhelming! but just think, will my baby be okay if it doesn’t have this for a day or two? even longer? Babies have been born and lived for centuries without the stuff we put on and surround them with these days ;)
    You guys are gonna do great! And what a mighty God that surrounds you in His perfect care!
    Breathe, He has built you up for this time!


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