the last days

My pretty thrift store mug. It’s the little things, I tell ya.

I’m not working anymore in order to finish up these last few things around the house. Preparation and nesting have taken over. I’ve embraced my stretched hours of productivity. On the other hand, I let myself sleep in and lay down when I get tired during the day. The silence and stillness won’t last long when this little babe arrives.

Springtime feels like the perfect time to have a baby. Winter and the season of Lent invoke meditation on what is going on under the surface. In Spring each year the promises of life, color, and light emerge from the cold, hard ground. We focus on the Resurrection of our Lord.

I hope this baby doesn’t wait until Easter to come (that would be 12 days after my due date, I think) but it would certainly be special. Either way, we will have an extra special reason to celebrate and feast this year.

Our prayers are full of both questions and thanksgivings. We wait upon the providence of God, hoping in His provision and timing.


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