his first two days

happy easter morning!!!! christ is risen and alive. what a reason to rejoice today. what a reason to celebrate. we are so thankful.

here are some quick thoughts and photos from archer’s first 2 days of life.. i’ll save the birth story and hospital experience for later.

the first two days… what can i say. we have a boy–a son. one moment he was curled up inside and the next moment he was in my arms.

he’s the most adorable i’ve ever seen, smelled, held, kissed, loved. robert and i [and everyone else who meets archer] are in love–over the moon, on cloud 9, you name it.

he looks like a 1 month old. no alien newborn for us. he has lots of brown hair and just as many facial expressions. right now his eyes are blue. on his second day he gave us a huge smile. he held his head up for 20 seconds. clearly he’s a genius.

i’m typing while feeding this eating machine. that should give a hint of our days… he’s a big guy and he eats like a champ. breastfeeding is amazing now that we are home.

robert is an amazing papa. he has been the best help and just can’t take his eyes off our baby boy. i am reminded every moment why i married this man. i’m in love. what a blessing!

i am recovering so well. each day i am up and about more and more. sleepless nights have set in, but who would i rather cuddle with at 1, 3, 5, 7 in the morning? i want his smell all over me. i want to hold him every chance i get!



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