eat and cuddle

“Hey, Mama. I just wanna eat all day today, ok? I must be growing or something. Also, please don’t put me down. Even just for five seconds and even if you are right next to me. I can’t handle being away from you! It’s a rainy Tuesday and that means it’s cuddle day.”

Baby boy knows sure how to convince me.

We have our one month pediatrician visit tomorrow. It blows my mind that we’ve already had a month with Archer.Β I can’t wait to see how much he’s grown! Then again, I wish he would stop growing and stay just as sweet and small as he is now.


2 thoughts on “eat and cuddle

  1. Oh, how precious! Seriously, our lives are so parallel, it’s crazy. I was even writing a post in my head today about how Silas is such a cuddly baby and loves to be held. But gee, things could be worse right? You’re right, this IS the life :)


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