two months old

this is us after our 2 month pediatrician visit.

over the weekend we took our first trip together. archer and i flew to atlanta for a good friend’s wedding and to see family. that was lovely. getting mastitis was not so lovely. i was put on antibiotics for ten days and i hope we do not get thrush/candida again! mercy! all these ailments that come with childbearing. [this postΒ had me rolling]

archer is worn out because he got the first round of shots today. he was more brave than i was. robert thought i would leave the room for it, but there was no way on earth i was leaving archer alone. he needs his mama to hold his hand just like i needed mine all those years. (sometimes i still do, hi mom–i love you)

at two months old, archer weighs 13.96 lb and is 23.5 inches long. robert thinks we can just round up to two feet. he is a big boy and my body grows stronger as he grows heavier! he is in 3-6 month clothes. cloth diapering is going great. i am thankful for the bum genius covers courtney gave me. i am thankful we have a washer/dryer in our apartment.

this little guy can pretty much hold his head up by himself. he wiggles around, scoots with his feet, and stretches out when we put him on the floor. it seems like he wants to turn over because he started arching his back. he coos and vocalizes all the time, and i think he is the smilingest baby i’ve ever seen. smiles on cue. smiles spontaneously. smiles while sleeping. smiles from his toenails to the tip of his hairs.

speaking of, archer’s hair is still intact. it sticks straight up most of the time. he still has bright blue eyes, and they are always taking it all in. one of his nicknames is “bright eyes.” we also call him “buddy” and i tend to call him “baby” a lot. i asked my mom how long it takes until that baby thing wears off, and she said, “oh until they are about 30 something!” he will always be my first baby.

sleeping is going really well. there is usually a 4-5 hour stretch and a couple more 2 hour stretches. he only wakes up because he’s hungry or has gas. he eats every 2 hours during the day and whenever he wakes up at night i have started nursing him in the big bed. it is so much nicer than going out to the living room every single time. he and i both get back to sleep more quickly.

most of all, we are still in love and growing more and more amazed at this blessing every day.


4 thoughts on “two months old

  1. I call both my boys “Baby” and will probably call boychild #3 “Baby” too. Half the time they don’t know which one I’m referring to.


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