atlanta folk

archer and i went to atlanta last weekend for my dear friend heather’s wedding.

my camera died the day i got there, so i only have a couple pictures.

as is our family custom, granmary, mom, archer and i went to the ok cafe on our way from the airport. this is what i ate: good southern cookin’

this is what breastfeeding will do to you, ladies. you’ll eat like you haven’t had a meal in weeks… and you’ll eat that way at every meal.

after a pretty bad case of mastitis, i finally felt a bit better the day before i had to leave. so i got to see three of my favorite ladies in one day! my best gal pal brittany took this photo and i just stole it from facebook. archer looks like a little elf.

and then our atlanta friend, bethany, visited boston… we ate a lot of food and took a walk around the hood.

we showed her the cat house. on this particular walk i think i counted five cats loungin around.

and i must leave you with an obligatory melt-your-heart photo of archer jones. hey baby, let me get a piece of those scrumptious cheeks.


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