this year we are sharing a CSA from red fire farm with our friends, tyler and kate. you can tell how cool they are from the pictures below.

see a post about last year’s CSA from silverbrook farm here!

with our share we got to pick a total of 8 quarts of strawberries. that’s a lot of strawberries, even split in half. we also picked sugar snap peas and herbs! the farm was a couple hours away, but well worth it on a beautiful sunny day. it was also a kind of activity where archer is easily carried in the bjorn. everyone wins!

with the strawberries i’ve made 3 types of jam, popsicles, and of course i ate them fresh everyday. i might end up freezing the rest for smoothies because since they are organic they shrivel up a bit more quickly than store bought berries.

summer is here!


2 thoughts on “strawberries

  1. I love this! I bought some fresh strawberries yesterday at the Farmer’s Market. So far, there is no telling how close a farm is to LA.

    Looks like some fun times with all you cool kids.

    Miss you!


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