roasted garlicscape and tomato pizza

garlicscapes. what? twirly, artistic, and fragrant.

i never knew about these beauties before this summer. we got them in our farmshare so i looked around on the world wide web to find some ideas on how to eat them.

pickled garlicscapes? hmm… takes too long. chopped up in risotto? too much work. but roasted garlicscapes sounded great, maybe on a pizza. so that’s what i did. and i fed it to three other people and they all approved. it was so easy.


garlicscapes & cherry tomatoes

whole wheat pizza dough (this is the recipe i use)

evoo & balsamic vinegar

salt & pepper

a sprinkling of cornmeal

3 garlic cloves

2 c skim ricotta cheese

2 c mozzarella cheese


1: set oven at 400. stick your pizza stone in there to preheat if you have one. roast some garlicscapes and halved cherry tomatoes for half an hour with some olive oil and balsamic drizzle. salt and pepper those babies, too.

2: make your whole wheat pizza dough or buy it from the store. roll it out on a floured surface. throw it up in the air if you have those skills.

3: while the roasting is happening, dice 3 garlic cloves. mix with 16 oz skim ricotta cheese.

4: when pizza stone is preheated, sprinkle some corn meal then put the dough on the stone. spread your cheese goodness on the dough. sprinkle a bag of mozzarella cheese on top.

5: put the roasted tomatoes and garlicscapes on the pizza in a twirly pattern. pretty.

6: cook pizza until cheese is melty.


2 thoughts on “roasted garlicscape and tomato pizza

  1. I roasted some this spring too, but I think I overcooked them. They were crunchy. We didn’t care for them enough to make them again. But there’s nothing pickled I dislike! Next spring, I’ll have to try pickling them. I tried pickled ramps (a type of wild garlic) last year, and I loved them.


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